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What you need to know when you're in a motorcycle crash

Of all the drivers on the road, motorcycle riders are at a much higher risk for being involved in an accident which will result in a serious injury. Because of the comparatively little protection they have, they are prone to accidents that may cause severe injuries such as: bone fractures, brain and spinal injuries, amputations, or even death.

Ways to reduce the risk of having a motorcycle accident

“Follow the rules of the road” is a cliché, but accurate in order to reduce the likelihood of being involved in an accident. In most states, laws are strictly enforced and require the wearing of a helmet while either driving or riding on the back of a motorcycle. These laws were put into place for a reason and according to surveys; motorcycle riders who wear a helmet reduce the risk of fatal injury by 29% and are 67% more effective in preventing traumatic brain injury. You should also read your motorcycle owner’s manual which typically includes: traffic rules, motorcycle insurance information, and roadside emergency cards for motorcycle towing. Being informed can help reduce the chances of an accident as well as prepare you for what needs to be done if an accident occurs.

What to do when an accident occurs?

If you are in a motorcycle accident, the first thing to do is protect yourself from further injury. Get help from anyone nearby if need be, as long as you get to a safe place away from other traffic. At this point, you should ensure that the police are on their way, both to direct traffic and so you can narrate the events of the accident in to official record. After this has been taken care of, you should call your insurance company and inform them of what has happened.

Remember, when it comes to negotiating a motorcycle insurance claim, sometimes your own insurance company can be your greatest opponent. A motorcycle accident lawyer will be a big help in negotiating with the insurance company, particularly when fault for the accident is difficult to determine or mixed. Your attorney will help you get the most favorable arrangement possible, typically through a settlement which can help avoid a time-consuming and stressful court battle.

Useful Tips to Follow:

  • Gather all relevant information from the other motorist. Take notes of the following: driver’s full name, contact number, license numbers, and motorcycle insurance/ auto insurance numbers.
  • Have proper estimates made for the cost of repairs; seek the help from an expert mechanic or body shop to assist you. If you wish to claim your bike as a ‘total loss’ then you can use resources such as the “Kelly Blue Book” to assist you in estimating the motorcycle’s value.
  • If the insurance company is offering too small of an amount, it is the perfect time to call an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. They can help you ensure your bike and injuries were not undervalued and negotiate with the insurance company to get the payments you deserve.

Be confident in knowing that you are entitled to compensation for your accident. Speak with a Arizona Motorcycle Accident Lawyer immediately to protect your rights and get the compensation for yourself and your motorcycle that you’re entitled to.

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