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Arizona Weather Warning: Limit Daytime Driving

May 21, 2012 | Filed under: blog

Arizona is expected to experience extremely hot weather today. Heat warnings will be issued throughout the day; people traveling its roads are advised to limit their daytime driving as much as possible. There is also a high chance of road closures due to the possibility of wild fires. National Weather Services has diverted its attention towards the concern and issued a fire weather watch.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Temperatures in the USA, mesoscale analysis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)"]Temperatures in the USA, mesoscale analysis[/caption]

Weather news sources expect that temperatures will reach a high 107 degrees today and climb to 108 degrees Tuesday with high winds and low humidity. This climate makes it ideal weather for wildfires to occur keeping wildfire fighting crews especially alert, busy and on standby this week.

Temperatures are expected to alleviate into slightly cooler weather as the end of the week approaches. Wind speeds should increase to speeds of about forty miles per hour as the week goes by. When Sunday arrives, temperatures might start to rise again and wind speeds might be reduced.

With the increase in heat temperatures on Monday and Tuesday so do the environmental health warnings. Health officials from Arizona Department of Environmental Quality issued a warning for high ozone pollution. Drivers are encouraged to fuel their vehicles later in the day when the heat has dissipated.

Vehicles operating during excessive heat pose a threat to the atmosphere which in turn can endanger the people in the area. Refineries and chemical plants along with vehicles release a gas, when it reacts with sunlight and high heat aggravate asthma symptoms. Those people who are exposed to the gas for long periods of time have the possibility of incurring respiratory problems.

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When the issues combine, the road hazards of Arizona increase and so can the amount of accidents and injuries. Therefore, to increase the safety of the roads, please stay indoors during the times when temperatures are the highest. The following are the general forecast for the rest of the week: Wednesday 103, Thursday 97, Friday 96 with a low of 68 and Saturday 90 with a low of 67.

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