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Phoenix Gladiator Fire Fights On

May 25, 2012 | Filed under: blog, personal injury

Fires continue to grow and claim victims while they devour thousands of acres of land and communities blazing through rugged mountainous areas of: Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and even Mexico for over a week. People living in rural small towns have been left with no choice but to evacuate. Over 170 square miles of homes, forest and brush has burned from May 12 through May 25th. The first major fires originated in Arizona.

English: Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona.

English: Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the National Interagency Fire Center over 1,500 square miles were charred last year alone. Arizona’s longest and ever increasing fire the “Gladiator” continues to terrorize Phoenix putting drivers and people in danger of being injured.

Tremendous effort has been given by over 1,000 Arizonian fire fighters who continue to fight the wild fires throughout the state. Ash clouds the skies in the north and the south suffocating people’s vision and reducing the quality of oxygen. In the East, Arizona has to deal with the Sunflower fire – the biggest in the state. The fire has burned over 16,300 acres since May 12 and is only 43% contained.

In Crown City last week, the Gladiator fire alone engulfed a home and charred more than 16,000 acres. The fire earned its name because of the dynamics it presents: low humidity, strong winds and high temperatures which are the perfect combination of a combative challenging fire that characterize a gladiator. The fire has been only 30% contained. Crews continue to fight against it and gusting winds that reached speeds of over 50 miles per hour on the rugged Bradshaw Mountain terrain.

Yavapai County Board of Supervisors issued a Declaration of Emergency request and received $10,000 from the Governor’s Emergency Funds to increase the response and recovery expenses of the Gladiator which have amounted to over $11 million. There were six structures and 17 power lines that were damaged and at least four communities were evacuated. In the evacuation had anyone been injured, they should contact a Phoenix injury lawyer. It is important to have someone who stands by you in the most trying of times.

Sunflower (Helianthus L).

Sunflower (Helianthus L). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fort Apache Reservation is dealing with a 2,145 acre fire that was started by lightning and is expected to be contained by Friday. There are others fires which have already been contained such as the Elwood Fire on the San Carlos Reservation, it burned 1,600 acres and was contained Wednesday. The Campini Fire burned 11,853 acres in Mexico and 50 in the U.S. It is fully contained in the US and 70% in Mexico.

Arizona has restricted the use of any flammable or combustible materials in any government site for now and includes: national, state and other recreational areas. Materials which can combust run the risk of starting another firer or injuring someone. Getting injured is reason enough to call an injury lawyer to help you get financial assistance towards your recovery and wellbeing.

The toughest of all fires for now is the Gladiator which is the second biggest in the state but the most challenging to fight. That fire is using over one thousand fire fighters and is only 30% contained while the Sunflower fire is only using eighty. Hopefully humidity coming from California near the end of the week will help slow down the blazing beast.

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